Mac OS X 10.4 Running in Windows Alternative ReactOS via PearPC Emulator

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Mac OS X 10.4 Running in Windows Alternative ReactOS via PearPC Emulator

The ReactOS project recently showcased on YouTube that’s possible to virtualize the Mac OS X 10.4 operating system on their free and open-source Windows alternative operating system.

Our “Watch” series of articles continues today with a very interesting one where you can see Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger running inside the ReactOS computer operating system, which we believe has come a long way, and it’s beginning to look like a viable alternative to Microsoft’s Windows 7 or Vista operating systems, perfect for desktop computers and laptops.

The latest release, ReactOS 0.4.8, showed us last month that it’s now possible to use Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows Vista software on the free and open-source operating system that’s binary compatible with computer programs and device drivers made for Windows.

It also introduced initial support for reading data from NTFS formatted drives, a new app similar to the DrWatson32 software for Windows, some user-visible changes like support for balloon notifications in the system tray area and support for unmounting network drives directly from the file explorer.

You can now emulate various operating systems inside ReactOS

You’d think that ReactOS barely runs some Windows apps, but its innovative development team want to prove us otherwise and they recently managed to record a screen capture of the Mac OS X 10.4 “Tiger” operating system running inside ReactOS via the well-known PearPC architecture-independent PowerPC platform emulator.

Why would you run an older version of Mac OS X inside ReactOS? Well, that doesn’t really matter, but what’s important here is that you can use the PearPC emulator to virtualize various other PowerPC operating systems, including Mac OS X, Darwin, and GNU/Linux, which is both educational and entertaining.

Check it out in action below!

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