Business Solutions

Our Business Solutions is a business owner solutions(BOS) and strategies put up by Digitalbes Limited where we study businesses, their  problems and proffer solutions that will help them survive in the 21st century. We have taken our time to study the common problems faced by most business owners in Nigeria and the world at large then come up with possible business services, business solutions and business strategies to address most of the problems and give your business a headway.

Some of The Common Challenges Facing Businesses

Insufficient funds

There’s no way around it; businesses need funds to grow from business stage to another and to even multinational funding. Unfortunately, most business owners in Nigeria have no idea where to get the funds they so badly need. So what can Nigerian business owners do?

Poor Web Presence

Online presence isn’t just for some businesses, doing business online is for just about everyone. However, some businesses in Nigeria are not taking advantage of this, probably because they believe the endeavor to bee complicated and costly endeavor.

Poor Marketing Skills

Most business owners in Nigeria do not have the time to study the ins and outs of marketing. What with the many things they have to juggle, there is little time for them to learn these skills. Nevertheless, getting the word out about what you do is essential for every business.

Getting New Customers

Every business needs new customers, but the customers that count are the repeat customers. Why they are so important? a repeat customer is likely to spend 67% more than a first time buyer.

Seeking Rapid Growth

It is important to put parameters in place that will help you scale to meet demand while maintaining a high level of quality. But most businesses these don't have such patient.


As technologies change practically at the speed of light, it’s vital for companies to innovate or be left behind — but many CEOs started their careers and businesses before many of these technologies even existed!

Customer Service

In a world of instant gratification, customers expect instant customer service — and can take to the web to share their displeasure at less than satisfactory service just as quickly.

Maintaining reputation

In a similar vein, because customers can voice any displeasure so much more publicly and loudly than ever before, businesses have to monitor and maintain their online reputations.

Our Business Services and Solutions to Your Business

Due to some of the above mentioned problems, we undergo an extensive business strategies section, where we are able to structure out the list of business services and business solutions to help you overcome these challenges and others which are not stated here. Below are the list of busness services and business solutions packages we offer to business owners.

Select Your Business Solutions Need Below;

Are you running your own business like boutique, restaurant, hotel, etc. and you really want to be the BOSS and not as if you want to act as the BOSS?

Then you need business owner solutions (BOS), an integrated solutions that gives you all the needed business services and business solutions package at an affordable price. BOS (Business Owner Solutions) empower’s  your business to greatness. With over 36 Billion Researchers on Google search engine, and over a billion registered users on Facebook, BOS (Business Owner Solutions) will give you the right business services and business solutions to help move the information of your goods and services to their mobile phone, door steps and thereby increase traffic to your online platform and drive sales.

BOS Bronze

  • Business Website
  • Domain Registration
  • Hosting Space of 10GB
  • Mobile App (Android Only)
  • Live Chat
  • Online Store with 3-Product Categories
  • 2 - Business Email Addresses
  • SMS Marketing to 500 mobile numbers
  • Sponsored Advert on Instagram, Facebook Only for One Week
  • Adverts on MYDRADIO for one week
  • Social Media Integration

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BOS Silver

  • Business Website
  • Domain Registration
  • Hosting Space of 20GB
  • Mobile App on Andriod and Amazon Store
  • Live Chat
  • Online Store with 10-Product Categories
  • 5-Business Email Addresses
  • Email Marketing Products and Services to 30,000 Nigerian Email Address for 2 Months
  • SMS Marketing to 1000 Moble Numbers
  • Sponsored Advert on Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin
  • Advert and Banner Placement on MYDRADIO for 3-Weeks
  • 15seconds Viral Video of your Products and Services
  • Social Media Integration

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BOS Gold

  • Business Website
  • Domain Registration
  • Hosting Space: Unlimited
  • SSL encryption
  • Mobile App on all Platforms
  • Online Store with Unlimited Categories
  • Unlimited Business Email Addresses
  • Email Marketing of Products and Services to 50,000 Nigerian Email Addreeses for 6 Months
  • Live Chat
  • SMS Marketing to 2000 Mobile Numbers
  • Sponsored Advert on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin
  • 15min Interview of your business and products you sell + 30seconds Viral Video
  • Adverts and Banners Placement on MYDRADIO for 6-Months
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) of 5-keywords for 6-Months
  • Newsletter Marketing
  • Social Media Integration

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