Digitalbes Limited

Refund Policy

Digitalbes Limited offers high-quality ICT services and our customer’s satisfaction is extremely important to us. We will be happy to give a refund to any of our clients that request a refund if it is in line with our refund policy as described below.

Damaged Or Faulty Products

If you discover that any of the products you bough from us is faulty or damaged when it was delivered to you, you may return it and get a new one or ask for a 100% refund.

Cancellation Of Service

If you changed your mind about a service you have paid for (for example any of our online courses), you can ask for a refund. This kind of refund is only possible when you have not yet started using the service and it will attract a 30% processing charge.

Purchase Of Digital Goods

If you have paid for a digital product (e.g. an e-book or software) and have not yet received or downloaded it, you can ask for a 100% refund.

Change Of Mind

We will give a 100% refund to clients who change their minds about a product they have paid for before the product is shipped or downloaded. We will not give any refund for the following:

  • Digital products that have been downloaded
  • Services that have been accessed
  • Products shipped to the wrong address provided by the customer

We do not attend to requests for a refund made 14 days after a product or service has been delivered to the customer.