Digitalbes Limited

Quality Policy

Digitalbes Limited is committed to providing satisfaction to our clients using our quality policy and other interested parties concerning quality, reliability, and timely delivery of Services and Structural Technology Infrastructure Development projects while striving for continual improvement of our services.

Consequently, the company carries out internal assessments and reviews of existing methods, procedures and technology, and updates them regularly to ensure consistent quality standards following ISO 9001:2008 Quality Policy we are committed to making a difference by:

  • Meeting Clients specified requirements for Quality and Time
  • Providing best value engineering services to our clients
  • Realizing Quality Objectives established for infrastructure development projects
  • Pursuing Continual Improvement

These objectives are best achieved through company-wide communication and measurable by the level of conformance to the established and documented ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.

It is, therefore, my directive that all members of the company shall henceforth diligently implement the Digitalbes Limited Quality Policy.