Community Development Solutions

Community development solutions (CDS) refers to the process of improving the quality of life and economic well-being of people living in relatively isolated and sparsely populated areas. Rural development has traditionally centered on the exploitation of land-intensive natural resources such as agriculture and forestry. However, changes in global production networks and increased urbanization have changed the character of rural areas.

Increasingly tourism, niche manufacturers, and recreation have replaced resource extraction and agriculture as dominant economic drivers. The need for rural communities to approach development from a wider perspective has created more focus on a broad range of development goals rather than merely creating an incentive for agricultural or resource-based businesses.

Education, entrepreneurship, physical infrastructure, and social infrastructure all play an important role in developing rural regions. Rural development is also characterized by its emphasis on locally produced economic development strategies. In contrast to urban regions, which have many similarities, rural areas are highly distinctive from one another. For this reason, there are a large variety of rural development approaches used globally.

Our Community Development Solutions

Live Training on Site

We are going to organize training and workshop for the community members to teach them practical skills on information technology and others for the specified period of time.

eCommunity Forum

On our eCommunity Portal we are going to deploy, is going to have an eCommunity forum that will allow the members of the community to always share idea and knowledge through the systems using any device of their choice

eCommunity Library

On the eCommunity Portal, they will also have an eLibrary where they are goong to have access to ebooks of different subject areas like health, technology, and others


The eCommunity portal also have an eLearning solution in it that will allow them to choose a course and the computer will teach them the course from start to finish practically.

Community Development Action Plan

Rural development actions are mainly and mostly to development aim for the social and economic development of the rural areas. Rural development programs are usually top-down from the local or regional authorities, regional development agencies, NGOs, national governments or international development organizations. But then, local populations can also bring about endogenous initiatives for development. The term is not limited to the issues for developing countries. In fact, many of the developed countries have very active rural development programs. The main aim of the rural government policy is to develop undeveloped villages.
The rural development aims at finding ways to improve the rural lives with the participation of the rural people themselves so as to meet the required need of the rural area. The outsider may not understand the setting, culture, language and other things prevalent in the local area. As such, general people themselves have to participate in their sustainable rural development. In developing countries like Nepal, India, integrated development approaches are being followed up.
We are taking the drive to see how best to use our information technology resources can be used in developing the rural areas in Nigeria and if possible our neighboring countries and to put a smile in the face of the rural dwellers.

Our Services as it Concern Community Development Solutions

Training the trainers (persons from the community) for a particular period of time

We are also going to deploy our learning solutions which are going to be updated yearly so they can be able to learn one or two skill on their own when we are done with them, and our project with the community will constantly be monitored to make sure nothing goes wrong and also to see that it is being used to meet the needed challenges.

With our community development solutions(CDS), they can socialize with people from the urban area, other communities in other states or country at large etc to share ideas, information and others.

Community Information Platform (CIP) that will allow them to have access to information from both the urban area, other communities and the world at large.

We are going to be organizing workshop and seminars on a yearly bases in this community to help enlighten the people on the present trend and how they can benefit from the information thereby educating them on happenings.

We are going to partner with the government so that the needed infrastructure can be put in place to enable our community development solution to meet the goal of the community.

Community Development Solutions (CDS), will feature an area where job opening can be seen so it now creates an equal right to information’s which has been lacking over the years.