Instagram’s Future as a Social Commerce App Looks Murkier Than Ever

Instagram’s Future as a Social Commerce App Looks Murkier Than Ever. Experts are feeling it will become another facebook and the dream of it become where people can buy and sell is not clear.

Eight years ago, Instagram was nothing more than a new social media app designed to share grainy photos of food, friends and family. A billion-dollar acquisition and several years later, Instagram is turning into a leading contender in the social commerce space, with the platform evolving from a place for influencers and normals to one where brands can thrive and create whole businesses.

Although most business in the world especially starts feel they don’t need a website with facebook and instagram as where they put up pictures of their products and just add a contact number for people who are interested making it look as if the platform will becoming commerce social media app but the vision not yet clear.

Only time will tell as we wait to see where the drive will take the platform to if it will meets it aim or it will turn something else, we will keep you posted if new development arise.

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