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The Review of iMac Pro: Beauty of a beast

On March 2, 2018, Posted by , In Digitalbes Weekly,Hardware News,Technology, With No Comments

iMAC Pro Review: Beauty of a Beast For the last few weeks, they have been testing the worst iMac Pro you can buy — $4999 eight-core, 1 terabyte version of Apple’s iMac Pro. And here’s how it went. It’s the professional grade, Mac, nobody knew they wanted until Apple announced….

iPhone 8 Plus Units "BURST OPEN" Fresh Reports suggests battery issues

The saga of Apple’s bursting iPhone 8 Plus units continues after more complaints involving damaged units emerge. Just a week ago, there were two complaints involving the iPhone 8 Plus. Users complained the screen was detached from the unit allegedly due to battery swelling. There have been more reports of…

Single-molecule switch gets us closer to light-powered computers

Single-molecule switch gets us closer to light-powered computers The computer and gadget industries have boosted the power of components by shrinking them to near-microscopic scale. One radical field, molecular electronics, takes this to its logical extreme: constructing circuits and devices from single molecules. Researchers at the Peking University of Beijing…