1. Pay-Per-Click Advertising
One of the most cost-effective and efficient means of advertising is on the Internet. Pay-per-click advertising, for instance, allows you to place ads on behalf of your business for as little as 5¢ per lead.
The best thing about this type of advertising is that you only pay a fee when someone clicks on your ad. That’s right! You only have to pay once the customer clicks on your link and enters your web site. Pretty cool!
2. No Postage Fees
If you have tried direct mail to promote your business, you probably discovered that direct mail advertising certainly isn’t cheap. With the high price of postage these days, your costs for conducting a direct-mail advertising program could run in the hundreds if not thousands of dollars. When you have a web site, however, you can send electronic newsletters, announcements, invitations and sales bulletins free of charge! This allows you to stay in contact with your customers on a regular basis without worrying about postage fees.
3. No Printing Costs
Do you currently print-off information (manuals, booklets, brochures, etc…) that you send to your customers? Turn that information into an electronic file then send it to your clients via email. By making your printed files electronic files, you have the ability to distribute your information through email at no cost to you. Simply attach the file in your email and send it on its way.
4. Accept Credit Cards
Many of you know that by accepting credit cards, you could potentially increase your sales by as much as 30 to 100 percent. By having a web site you could register at PayPal (there’s no fee to register) and begin accepting all major credit cards and checks for as little as 2.5 percent-2.9 percent for each transaction.
5. Expand Your Customer Base
Having a web site allows you to conduct business with anyone, anywhere for just a few dollars a month. There’s no need to place ads in different states or counties to expand your business. Just get a professional web site equipped with the right tools and you will be ready to sell your products and services to an international marketplace twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
6. Out-Shine Your Competition
Do your competitors have a web site? If they don’t, this is a great time to gain a competitive advantage and get a web site that displays the professionalism of your business. Do your competitors have a better web site than yours? No problem, you can upgrade your old site with a new one by using a professionally designed template. To learn more about these great templates, visit my web site at aprilward.net.
7. Achieve Your Dreams
If you have always wanted to achieve true success in your business, the Internet can help you get there. The Internet helps provide a level playing field for small businesses, giving you the opportunity to look and act like one of the “big guys”. Don’t get left behind! Get a professional web site and see how the Internet can help you become more efficient and more profitable.
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