eLearning Solutions

We provide eLearning solutions in Lagos Nigeria. As one of the best eLearning solutions company in Lagos Nigeria, we can develop any kind of eLearning solution to meet your learning needs. We can also deploy to any area where our solutions are needed in Africa.

Our eLearning solutions can be deployed remotely and also locally on an existing configured network lab where end-users of the application can have access to it. The remote version of the eLearning solutions require the user to make use internet connection to access the elearning application software while the offline version only require us to deploy an elearning server on your existing network and made available through wireless or LAN network system but the users can only have access to it within the premises.

Our eLearning Solutions Deployment Phases

These are the eLearning solutions deployment phases we follow to achieve a successful eLearning solutions deployment.


We consult with you to know your learning requirements

We understand that, all industries have different learning needs, so with our e-Learning Consulting, you will quickly and affordably implement an e-learning program that exactly fits your needs and also know the right budget to make use of.
Our consultation with you will also give you the right eLearning solutions choice to implement in your organization.

eLearning Consultation - Digitalbes Limited
eLearning Design and Development - Digitalbes Limited

Design and Development

We design and develop the eLearning solution based on your requirement during the consultation with you so that it best suits your organizational needs and achieve the set goals and objectives of the project.

We create custom, well-designed and meaningful eLearning that really engage our clients and their learners. We offer an exceptional, quality service, designing every detail specifically for your learner. Our team produces authentic materials tailored to achieve the results important to you.

Beautifully designed, Highly interactive, Engaging, Effective and Custom content for specific learning needs


We test for possible errors and make sure the eLearning application is working correctly as planned.

We also need to testt to make sure we meet the requirements and functionalities we discussed with you during our consultation and to also make sure it can achieve the set goals and objectives.

We also focus our test on text, visuals, functionalities, mobile-friendliness, and browsers across all platforms.

eLearning Design Testing - Digitalbes Limited
eLearning Deployment - Digitalbes Limited


Our eLearning solutions deployment is based on the type of eLearning solution you have selected during consultation with you but after the test and we see all is ok, we will go ahead to deploy the full application.

After the deployment on the server where the eLearning solutions is going to run from, the course will also be set to be deployed to the server as well while other test is being carried out on the deployment.

Final Testing/Commissioning

At this stage of the project, we will conduct a final test before commissioning of the project for use.

when we commission the project, we will conduct a training for the staffs who will be managing the platform and doing all the course/subject uploading to the platform to be accessed by the users of the platform.
The training will be for selected staff and not all.

eLearning Final Test - Digitalbes Limited