Training in Nigeria

Digitalbes Limited is your no.1 company when it comes to Training in Nigeria, in the sense that we conduct analysis on the individual who want to receive training we are offering to be very sure if that person has the requires skill for that level of training before allowing them to pay. So we train not only for the sake of the money but also to impact a lasting skill on the person or group of persons we are training. All you need to qualify for our online training is the basic computer skill of using the mouse and keyboard and you are good to go.

Training in Nigeria

Who is Eligible for Our Training in Nigeria

We call it training in Nigeria does not mean the training is meant for Nigerians alone, we are going to be conducting an online training, it does not matter where you are, as long as you can operate the computer and have access to internet, you can register for our training program online and you can also communicate with us real time when you are allow to ask question on aspect you don't understand.

How is Our Training in Nigeria Conducted?

We make our training in Nigeria flexible because everyone don't have the same schedule and they are also willing to learn but the nature of their job will not allow them to book for a training since they cannot meet up with the training schedule. Due to these facts, we have decide to structure our training as follows;

Face2Face Professional Online Training

Face2face professional online training allow you as an individual to register for a course on our website. Then we will send you a training schedule which you will choose a particular period althrough your training process and you will have to confirmed that you agree with the schedule and if not then you make changes when will be suitable and  you are not allow to change it till the end of the training.

Private Group Training

Group Online Training Private group training allows more than one person to register for a particular course of which the time and date for the training will be set by us. When user register for a particular course, our staffs will connect with them by email to schedule a particular time when the training software will be install on their system before the actual training day to enable every users to be able to perform the practical.

Face2face Professional Offline Training

Face2Face Professional Training OffllineFace2Face Professional Training offline is a training that allow you to select a course of your choice and register for it then a training facilitator will send you an email and also call you to set a schedule for your preferred training location and time. Apart from the training day, an appointment will be kept with you in other for all the available software needed.

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