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eLearning Company in Lagos Nigeria

As an elearning company in Lagos Nigeria, We recognise the uniqueness of your learning needs and strive to provide tailor-made eLearning solutions that impact behaviour and performance. We develop eLearning courses that are carefully designed to meet instructional outcomes in the short term and performance outcomes in the long term. Our large team of Instructional Designers, Graphic Designers, Programmers and Quality Analysts, works as your extended team to understand your learning objectives, learner profiles and the expected performance goals. Our success is largely because of our solid instructional design foundation, our expertise in graphic design and strong technological base and strong project management skills. We also aspire to use the latest technologies and follow industry trends in approaches and standards, so that you can be provided with the best learning solution for your needs.

eLearning Solution in Lagos

We develop all kinds of elearning solution in Lagos which is our based station and deploy where ever our service is needed to empower learning, build skills  and also create a career that will help solve industrial problems in Nigeria and Africa at large. Our eLearning solutions can be deployed to schools, offices, communities to impact knowledge and skill that will help increase productivity in your company and also practical knowledge needed to function in the 21st century industries.

Structure of Our eLearning Solution Company in Lagos Nigeria


Educational Transformation Services

An effective education transformation can help countries to increase student competitiveness, build job skills and competencies, support economic development and provide social cohesion.

Content Aggregation, Development and Licensing

We have variety of digital content that focuses on school educational courses, professional courses and others from reliable professionals. It's interactive, multimedia, has simulations and demonstrations.

ICT Infrastructure

We develop classroom environment that will allow learning conducive and accommodative for both students and the working class citizens. We install state of the act facilities that is best for training dissemination.


Below are some of the list of services we render as an elearning company in Lagos Nigeria, explore our solutions and if it meets your criteria then you can go ahead to make a request and we will get to you to finalise deployment and implementations.

eLearning Server Deployment

We build and deploy elearning servers that you can connect to your existing network or we design a new network for you and deploy the built elearning server to it and this will allow people to connect to the elearning server through wireless technology with any device of their choice.

This setup does not make use of internet connection and the users does not connect either using internet connection as well.

Remote eLearning Server

Our remote eLearning server solution allow you to connect to our elearning server remotely from any location of your choice with your device and internet connection. All you need do is just to subscribe for a plan and it is setup for your use while you pay bi-annual or annual bases.

 Alternatively, you can desire to own yours by simply paying us to develop your remote server and we only run a maintenance to update and upgrade the elearning version whenever we release it.

eLearning Solution for Individual Users

Our elearning solution for individual allow you to connect to our learning platform online where you can select a course plan that you either pay monthly, bi-monthly or annually and you have access to the platform any-time at your own pace.

You can connect to our elearning portal using our customise mobile app that will allow you to receive training either from your mobile phone, tablet, iPad  etc.


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