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Digitalbes Limited Nigeria is a company founded at the beginning of the millennium by a team of enthusiastic IT specialists who wanted to overcome the routine and create a company that would act in the market not only for business success but for the sake of Technology itself. Thus, the mission of the company was defined – to contribute to the forward-looking transformation of the society through the use of information communication technology (ICT).

Digitalbes Limited Nigeria is a registered company with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with registration number RC:1163372 under COMPANIES AND ALLIED MATTERS ACT 1990 and our company is limited by shares.

Our solutions at Digitalbes Limited Nigeria, ensures that our clients retain their competitive edge, cut down costs and improve their efficiency and profitability.

Over 8 years of work, we have developed a range of solutions and gained ample experience in the services we offer:

  • Custom Software Development
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Website Hosting
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Digital Marketing Solutions
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Training
  • E-commerce Solutions Development
  • eLearning Management System (eLMS)
  • eLearning content generation and development for learning institutions (Nursery, Primary, Secondary schools, and universities), government agencies and private corporations.
  • Digital Library
  • Consulting

We also partner with other companies’ home and away to meet up with your company projects deadlines and also handled related projects as it concerns our field of expertise.


We keep ourselves updated with the upcoming technology and apply the right technology to come up with a productive, cost-effective solution.

Our rich portfolio justifies the fact that we function as a world-class software development company. Our human capital is highly skillful and use innovative techniques and strategies at every step in the software development to ensure tremendous business success.With our vast experience and innovative thinking, we can be the best partner for your software requirements.


  • Infrastructures
    We have a sophisticated setup which includes professional employees, latest hardware, and software to design and develop cost-effective highly proficient solutions.
  • Resources
    We house a large pool of dedicated IT professionals with diverse technical expertise having a clear communication capability and the enthusiasm to intelligently work out any kind of requirement.
  • Management 
    Highly potent management to ensure timely, high-quality products.
  • Rates 
    We offer the best rates for our development and maintenance services. We work on the project based on your budget.
  • Coordination
    We are well known for our systematic coordination between the clients and the development team. Our friendly approach has been a keystone in the success of our customer relationship.
  • Quality 
    We provide the best solution and do not compromise on the quality of our deliverables. We offer high-quality products using high-quality


We ensure security in all aspects of software development. Digitalbes Limited is a highly secured environment having strict Physical infrastructure security along with data security, network security, server security and workstation security. This ensures that your highly valued data is 100% secure.

Security standards followed at Digitalbes Limited

  • Authorized access to servers, networks, and workstations
  • Authorized access to important files and project directories
  • Real-time anti-virus and SPAM protection for desktops and servers
  • Redundant backups for all data
  • Strict NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to ensure a confidential development environment
  • NDA with employees to ensure complete data protection


Digitalbes Limited follows a healthy work culture with a team of highly dedicated and disciplined employees having good core values, beliefs, ethics, communication, etiquettes and strict behavioral rules. Our well maintained corporate culture has steered us to great success enabling us to deliver high-quality products.


  • Good Ethics:We follow good business and work ethics enabling us to maintain a good work culture.
  • Highly Committed:We work as a family and the members are totally committed to the tasks assigned to them. Total commitment to work results in a highly proficient system.
  • Mere professionals:Everyone at Digitalbes Limited aspires and strives to be a perfect professional. Each and every activity performed shows complete professionalism.
  • Provide equal opportunities for employees: There is no discrimination among the staffs at Digitalbes Limited. We work as a family, sharing resources and knowledge at all times. This provides us with a friendly environment making it the best place to create an effective solution.
  • Teamwork:We work as a team sharing responsibilities and arriving at an effective solution in a minimal time frame. Working as a team helps us in knowledge sharing which ultimately sharpens individual skills.
  • Communication is open:We encourage open communication, so as to keep everything transparent. Every individual in Digitalbes Limited can voice their opinion which is given utmost importance. Having an open communication has enriched us with valuable ideas that have led to the progress of the organization.
  • Management support: Digitalbes Limited provides constant support for the employees in every aspect, enabling them to perform without any hurdles.


  • Timely Delivery of products
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Multiple supporting services
  • Highly skilled developers
  • Innovative, creative solutions
  • Proficient project management
  • High-quality deliverables
  • On-going support

Contact us

No.8 Omolara Allen Street
Lagos - Nigeria

08177780097, 08177780098

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